For when You have a big idea that deserves a big audience (and a big paycheck).

It's as simple as this: You have what we call a BIG, MESSY, BEAUTIFUL idea.  You're an online entrepreneur, coach, VA, or blogger who's READY to generate more income & create more leverage in your biz.

You know that this idea is ABSOLUTELY worth the time and effort that it takes to have a 5 or 6 figure launch. So let's start.

You've been told since the day you started on your big messy beautiful project that the key to launching success is in your email list.

...Er, maybe it's your social media following.

Or your content creation...  or your marketing strategy, or your team building, or your project management, or your branding, or your facebook ad pixel, or one of the hundreds of thousands other hats you have to wear as an online entrepreneur.

There's a LOT of different opinions floating around in the biz universe.

Soooo... How the hell do you actually pull off a successful launch?

What if I told you...

  • That there's not just ONE THING that makes a launch successful?


  • That there's NO SUCH THING as a cookie-cutter launch strategy (and anyone trying to sell you one is just trying to capitalize on a system that worked for them five years ago?!)


  • That the ONLY way to guarantee a successful launch is by working with someone who understands your UNIQUE BUSINESS NEEDS and your PERSONAL STRENGTHS?


The Launch Strategy Intensive with me is exactly the ticket to maximize your launch potential based on the capabilities of me, you, and your team.

Here's what you get:

  • FOUR 1-HOUR STRATEGY SESSIONS over the course of your product launch will help me to delve into your brain, get a read on our strengths/weaknesses, and explore the depths of your big beautiful idea ($2000 VALUE)



  • Each recording will be sent alongside a SPECIFIC STRATEGY GUIDE based on our chat ($4000 VALUE)


  • A FULL LAUNCH OUTLINE with specific documents and direct access to me in Asana or Trello ($1000 VALUE)


  • 24/7 EMAIL ACCESS TO ME through your "Cart Closing" date ($500 VALUE)


  • Up to 25 HOURS OF VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE throughout the course of your launch ($1000 VALUE)

When you add all that up, it's a $8,700 value... Which is a bargain considering most info-products sell for $997

(So you'd have to sell literally less than 10 products to get your money back.)

But because I'm super excited to share the Launch Strategy Intensive program with the first wave of big, beautiful, messy infopreneurs, I'm giving you the opportunity to book your call with me TODAY at the special promo price of...


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So, who am I?

Well, I'm glad you asked. I'm Braelin A. (because Braelin Andrzejewski is a mouthful).

Here's the thing about me...

I'm absolutely done with this cookie-cutter launch B.S. that everyone is selling these days, and you should be too.

Sure, they work pretty well in some cases. Honestly, if you're willing to put the work and effort into it, most of the templates out there are pretty damn good.

But they don't tell you that most people never even get their carts open.

Because there's a LOT of barriers to entry involved when you're trying to fit into someone else's launch mold.

It may be smooth sailing until you get to the tech library and realize that all of the tutorials are on Wix when you wanted to use Weebly. It may be smooth sailing until they say "Now you just have to email 6,000 people and ask them to be an affiliate!" and your poor, introverted heart sinks to the bottom of your shoe. It may be smooth sailing until you completely lose initiative to keep going on your journey, as you admit defeat yet again.

And this system eases every single one of those fears.


Is this a course?

This is NOT a course! This is a premium, 1:1 coaching/strategy package that includes some VA work. The bulk of the product is 4 sixty-minute coaching calls, full access to me, and a complete launch outline in Asana or Trello.

What VA work do you do?

I do up to 25 hours of VA work throughout the launch. You and I will strategize on the specific services you need from me. My job as a VA is to fill in the blanks and do the crucial jobs on the back-end of the launch that you don't have time for.

Do I need to hire a team for this launch?

 You should not have to outsource any additional team members, but if you do have a team, then we will coordinate with their specific skillset and distribute launch tasks in Asana or Trello.

What if I don't have my business up and running yet?

This program is for people who already have the bare bones of their biz set up - you should come into our first meeting with a basic understanding of mailing automation, content upgrades, and some basic technical knowledge. If you're not sure if you're right for the program, use the LIVE CHAT box to talk to me. We'll figure it out together! 

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This time next month, where do you want to be?

Do you want to be...


  • Sitting on your ass, thinking about how great it will be once you get around to launching your product?


  • Doing endless research on what you actually have to do to get your product out there?


  • Wasting your time on the back-end of your biz, and


  • Totally dropping the ball on content-creation?

This time next month, you could be...

  • Opening the cart to your first $997 info-product


  • Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry with incredible publicity opportunities


  • Counting your money and keeping your calm in the midst of one of the craziest times in an online entrepreneurs life


  • Focusing on creating amazing shit that people love, while also


  • Bringing in the dough (hello!)

Are you ready to make it happen?


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